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Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist


Samantha began working with brides when she was just a little “Mommy’s Helper” bringing tea to her mom’s clients.  Attending education classes taught by Jacki Norrie was at first a factor of being too young to stay home alone and eventually morphed into her putting her hands on heads and faces during class in an effort to absorb all that was being taught.  Samantha spent summers working in the office during the week and interning at weddings with Wedding Tresses Hair and Makeup Team on weekends.  Now an artist in her own right she spends her summers home from college working with Wedding Tresses as a Designer/Artist.

“Being with a group of girls on one of their Big Days is such a good time that it hardly feels like work at all!  If there is anything I have learned over the years is that each woman has a unique quality about her that can be brought into focus by paying attention – paying attention is what we do.”